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iMindMap Mind Map Software

In this free video about using iMindMap and Mind Map software in general, you are going to discover the following:

The most popular and effective use of this sort of software

The top 20 ways successful people are using iMindMap to dramatically increase their effectiveness and personal productivity (by an average of over 20%)

How by using Mind Map software in the right way a busy, overworked and stressed out executive from Fairport, New York was able to save over 10 hours a week.

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With this information you are going to be able to:

Save yourself hours of research time when you can easily decide that iMindMap is for you,

Get ahead of the game by knowing exactly how to target your efforts so you get the benefits of using software like iMindMap immediately,

And know how you too can get the same results as you do now using iMindMap but with 20% less effort which means more quality time to follow your passion and enjoy life more.

iMindMap is the powerful software developed in conjunction with Tony Buzan, the inventor and originator of this powerful thinking technique. For a long time Mind Mapping was a hand drawn process and a very flexible one too and the advent of the internet and advances in computing technology has seen an explosion of new Mind Map Software.

iMindMap leads the field in its design and most importantly in its adherence to the principles and guidelines of the hand drawn variant of the technique meaning you will benefit from the improved thinking performance it offers.

With iMindmap you get more than just a fancy computer program - you get a completely new way of thinking that will revolutionize the way you use your PC or MAC giving you far more control over the information that bombards you every day.







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